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Monitoring via Mobile Devices’ Unconnected WiFi

I’ve written a lot about the amount of data we willingly disclose, and how to try to minimize it. A couple of recent articles caught my eye about the degree to which we shed information, even when we don’t mean … Continue reading

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The Lack of NSA Supervision

As I noted in my last post, President Obama and the NSA are saying, “Trust us, we’re not doing anything wrong and we’re not spying on Americans.” Even if that were the case, I argued, the wholesale collection of data … Continue reading

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Government Surveilance – Should We “Get Over It”?

As I’ve noted before, in 1999 Scott McNeely said, “You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it.” Roughly 14 years later (multiple lifetimes in terms of politics and the internet), President Obama said pretty much the same thing, albeit disguised … Continue reading

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